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Welcome-to-Gilbert-Arizona AZIgnition coil transforms low voltage electrical power to high voltage current. The coil generates a spark that ignites the engine and allows the engine to start and run. Faulty ignition coil can cause the engine to misfire. Consider ignition repair service if the engine light is on, if there is car key stuck in ignition or a problem with ignition. At AZ Ignition Repair, we provide the best ignition repair services in Gilbert, AZ.

We provide regular car maintenance services to keep your car’s ignition in good condition. Our mechanics will test the ignition coil by measuring the resistance in the spark plug wires. They will also check the engine light and inspect electrical connectors as well as spark plugs. We also have the best replacement parts for different car models. Our mechanics are well-trained to detect any problem with ignition switch and repair it in the shortest time possible. Our ignition repair and replacement services are efficient and convenient to all clients.


Do You Have A Broken Key Or Object Stuck In Your Ignition?

Has The Wrong Key Been Inserted Into Your Car Ignition?

Did Someone Try To Steal Your Car?

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