Some Common Car Ignition Problems

Common Ignition Switch Problems

With a car ignition switch there is a multitude of of reason’s why one can have intermittent problems and eventually fail. I will discuss the most common reasons below, generally all of these problems can be corrected by a qualified automotive locksmith.

Manufacturer Defect

Ocar-key-and-car-ignitionne of the most common reason’s ignitions fail is a faulty part from the beginning, many car manufacturers will warranty the part if the car is still under warranty. If not, any reputable automotive locksmith can help. Common vehicles with factory related ignition problems are Ford Focus, Nissan Sentra, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Chevrolet Cavalier.
Attempted Vehicle Theft

Many times when a burglar attempts to steal a vehicle he or she is not well versed in how a vehicle ignition works, the end result is usually a mess with an ignition switch and steering column in pieces. In this case, best course of action is replace the entire ignition assembly.

Wrong Key Inserted into Ignition

When the wrong key is inserted into the ignition switch, do not try to remove it! Call a locksmith immediately, trying to pull the key out can cause more damage to the ignition and may cause irreparable damage.
Worn out or Jammed up Wafers

Every key ignition has a set of wafers that index with the corresponding cuts on the key. Over time these parts can become worn our packed with dirt and grime causing the switch to fail. Many times the switch can be repaired without the need for replacement, just simple cleaning or individual wafer replacement.
Worn Out Key

Keys don’t handle wear and tear as well as the rest of your vehicle, as the key looses material the key will work less and less effectively and eventually stop altogether. In this case the key will need to be remade using the factory key cutting codes, to ensure to key is correctly cut and functional.

Transponder Key No Longer Communicates with PCM

The dreaded key malfunction or security light is nothing you want to see when you have places to go and people to see. Usually this means the computer chip has either lost its programming or no longer is functional. You have two options with this type of ignition issue. Reprogram the existing key, if possible or duplicate the existing cuts and program a completely new key. Any locksmith can surely help you with this type of service.

Broken Key or Foreign Object Broken Lodged in Car Key

Again this is a service not to be attempted by a novice, call a locksmith immediately instead of trying for fish out the foreign object yourself, this can cause further damage to the ignition. Many times the key or foreign object can be removed without the need of an entire ignition switch replacement.

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